We’ll consolidate your photos & videos and then return a single, de-duplicated archive.
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Fresh Start - Standard

Photos & videos from your devices are:

  • Consolidated into one library
  • De-duplicated
  • Sorted by media type
  • Put in chronological folder
  • Reinstalled in the software of your choice

The Standard package includes:

  • Up to four large devices: computers, backup hard drives, cloud backup accounts (additional large devices cost $40/device)
  • Up to five small devices: phones, tablets, SD cards, data discs, thumb drives (additional small devices cost $12/device)
  • We do not charge for empty devices. Send us what you have and we’ll check for you.
  • Additional devices will be charged at the end of the project based on actual data discovered.

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Fresh Start - Advanced

Photos & videos from your devices are:

  • Consolidated into one library
  • De-duplicated
  • Sorted by media type
  • Put in chronological folder
  • Reinstalled in the software of your choice

In addition to the standard package, we will organize the collection by:

  • Face tagging for search by person
  • Topic tagging for search by event, hobby, etc
  • Highlighting the best photos for easy use in design projects
  • De-clutter of the collection removing near-duplicates, blurry and other poor photos from the primary archive

The Advanced Fresh Start covers up to 10,000 images. Each additional 1,000 images cost $65.

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Every Digital Organizing Project Includes:


Personal Consultant

A dedicated organizer to answer your questions and coordinate your project.


The average Fresh Start clients photo & video archive is over 30% duplicates!


Chronological folders, highlighting the best photos, advanced tagging – we do it all.

Resource Center Access

Browse our blog and learning center for tips & tricks on organizing and maintaining.

Do you feel like your photos & videos are consolidated and safe
but you need them organized ? Our plans can help.


Basic - $29/month

When you need a foundation
diy maintenance-01

  • Resource library access and email reminders to help you stay organized
  • Personal photo organizer assigned to your account
  • Library refreshed six times per year at times of your choosing for:
  • Consolidation, Chronological folders, Collection de-cluttered and best photos highlighted
  • Your best photos uploaded to a photo gift site of your choosing so you can make your own gifts

Advanced - $59/month

When you want it all
diy maintenance-01

  • Advanced maintenance includes Basic plan items plus more:
  • Your library is organized for search by:
  • Up to 10 people via face tagging
  • Up to 15 topics via tagging
  • With each of your six refreshes you’ll also receive an edited highlight video with the best photos and video clips to share. Great for Facebook!

Story - $89/month

When you want to share
diy maintenance-01

  • Your story maintenance plans includes Basic & Advanced items plus more:
  • You will work with one of our talented designers every year to produce a premium book documenting your family’s life from the year.
  • With every refresh, via email or phone, we’ll take 20 minutes of your time to document stories in text or audio to make the book truly personal

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“I want to be involved in my photos. It’s important to me. I’m OK with technology. But there were just too many photos. I was totally frustrated and demotivated and had basically stopped doing anything except for holiday cards.”

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