Remote Transfers 101

All Fresh Start projects require that we get your data onto our machines. We have a few options for this – in home transfers, manual transfers you do yourself, and remote transfers. The first two are straightforward – your files get copied directly onto an external hard drive, which we copy to our servers. Remote transfers are basically the same, but require a little more explanation.

Why do we transfer remotely?

Remote transfers are generally the best option for transferring your main computer’s files, since they:

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  • Require less work on your part than transferring files to a hard drive and mailing
  • Don’t require you to part with your computer for several days, as you might if you brought your computer into our office for a manual transfer
  • Cost less than going to your home and doing an in-home transfer
  • Are reliable & secure

How do I know it’s secure?



  • We use standard, trusted 3rd party software.
  • LogMeIn keeps logs each time we remote into your computer, and we can record each session if you’re worried about file security.
  • We don’t transfer folders without photos & videos.
  • We also offer transfers in a combination of GoToMeeting and Mylio, which limits our computer access to photo and video files only.

Mylio can’t be used to transfer every archive. It can only transfer iPhoto libraries between versions 9.5 and 9.6.1 and Aperture version 3.5, and you have to have enough free space on a hard drive (internal or external) to hold your library twice. It can’t transfer Photos libraries. It also requires Mac OS X Mountain Lion or later, or Windows 7 or later.

How does it work?

We either use LogMeIn or, if clients meet the system and archive requirements, a combination of GoToMeeting and Mylio.


  • We send you an email with all the login and setup information.
  • After you’ve set the program up on your computer, let us know when you’re free for a few minutes to get us started.
  • We’ll be on your computer for 5-20 minutes identifying folders and files to transfer and doing some manual program exports.
  • We’ll change your power settings so that the transfer has the least chance of being interrupted.
  • After the transfer has started, we’ll get back to you with a rough estimate of how long it’ll take.
  • During the transfer, you can use your computer normally, but it does need to remain hooked up to the internet and power for the duration of the transfer. The transfer program (either Mylio or LogMeIn) must also remain open. If you shut it off or put it to sleep, the transfer will be interrupted and will take longer.
  • Once the transfer is done, we’ll change the power settings back to normal and we will usually do another remote transfer. After this transfer is complete, we’ll remove your computer from the remote login account.

How long will it take?

This is dependent on how many files and how many gigabytes of data we’re transferring. Transfers usually take 1-2 days for a smaller archive (under 100 GB) and 3-5 days for a larger archive, without interruptions.

Potential problems

Interruptions are the only major problem with transfers. The following will interrupt a transfer:

  • You turn your computer off, including shutting a laptop.
  • You lose your internet connection.
  • You close the program.
  • The program crashes. (Uncommon, unless you have very little RAM.)
  • Your computer crashes. (Uncommon, unless you have absolutely no space.)
  • Your computer goes to sleep. (Uncommon, since we change the settings before each transfer.)
  • For Mac users: slashes in filenames are not allowed on the Windows machines we generally use for our transfers. The transfer crashes each time it encounters one. If you use slashes, we either have to manually change every affected file & folder name, or do a slower transfer on one of our Macs.

So how hard is it, really?

On your end – super easy! You click a download link, install the program, and follow our simple instructions to link your computer to our account. After that, you just need to make sure not to turn your computer off until we let you know the transfer’s complete!

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