Every client is assigned a personal photo assistant.
A friendly, talented expert who will take special care of your family.


Manage Logistics

Ongoing Maintenance Reminders

Software Training

Coordinate Custom Design and Scanning Services


Your personal photo assistant can make photos fun again in so many ways:

manage-logisticsManage logistics
On a Fresh Start project, your assistant would do a kickoff call with you, then coordinate the remote transfer, send your reminders for any work you’re doing yourself, conduct a mid-project check-in to make sure you didn’t forget any devices or accounts, and then re-install the new archive.

Send helpful reminders for ongoing maintenance
On one of our plans, your assistant might remind you every so often to download your DSLR camera. If suddenly a new type of photos starts appearing (e.g. a child starts karate), your assistant might suggest that we add a new category to your organized archive.

Train you on software
If you are interested in doing more of this work yourself, you can hire your personal assistant to train you on photo management software, design software and more.


Coordinate custom design and media scanning services
If you’d like us to design photo books for you, take care of your holiday cards, or convert your old VHS tapes to DVD, your assistant will interact with the right specialists in our company so you don’t have to manage a whole team.

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“I want to be involved in my photos. It’s important to me. I’m OK with technology. But there were just too many photos. I was totally frustrated and demotivated and had basically stopped doing anything except for holiday cards.”

Rachel J.