The Fresh Start
Our signature, concierge digital organizing service

1. Meet your personal organizer

Your organizer will inventory all of your devices and accounts to make sure we identify every photo & video that needs to be consolidated.

2. We transfer and backup your photos & videos

We’ll copy your photos and videos remotely, or send you a hard drive and walk you through the transfer.

3. We consolidate & de-duplicate

Everything in one place, de-duplicated, organized into chronological folders, separated by photos and videos into a fresh library.

4. We re-install and plan together for the future

We re-install everything onto your devices. One hour of training with your organizer is included, as are discounts on our ongoing maintenance plans. You can also work with our designers on custom projects.

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A recent client came to us feeling completely overwhelmed.
She had a huge collection.

88,000 photos from the last 15 years

1,600 videos, half of which had never been viewed

129 GB storage space slowing her computer

More than 10 sources from the whole family


This is what Fresh Start did for her family.

We consolidated photos and videos from:

  • 2 desktop computers
  • 1 old PC laptop
  • 1 iPad & 1 iPad mini
  • 4 smartphones
  • 1 old flipcam
  • 2 USB storage devices
  • 3 online accounts – Dropbox, Shutterfly & Snapfish
  • 6 photo disks

Different computer devices

We returned one consolidated & de-duplicated archive.

Fresh Start Chronological Archive in Photos


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Fresh Start Advanced – for the family who needs more.

Have a large family? Take a lot of family vacations?
We can work with you on an advanced folder & tagging structure so you can always find what you need.











By Year

By Year

View an example of a detailed folder structure

We can help you maintain and share – or just provide support.

Our ongoing plans feature custom combinations of: digital photo organizing, de-cluttering, tagging for search, smart folders, uploading the best photos to gift sites, software training, edited videos, custom gifts and more.

Learn more about Fresh Start & Fresh Start Advanced and our ongoing plans.


Custom Design can be part of your Organizing Plan, or you can hire us when you need us.

Our most popular ongoing service involves us taking your hours of video footage and countless photos
to create a short highlight video for the family. Most families have us make one every 2-3 months



Professional Photo Books

Our most popular annual service is Photo Books.
We often document the year of each child in a special book that includes your own words.
Books for special vacations are also very popular.


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An example, detailed folder structure.

An example, detailed folder structure.

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“I want to be involved in my photos. It’s important to me. I’m OK with technology. But there were just too many photos. I was totally frustrated and demotivated and had basically stopped doing anything except for holiday cards.”

Rachel J.