Selecting the photo software that’s right for you can seem like a headache. They all seem to have general similarities — how can you choose?  

Finding the Right Photo Software

Here we’ve simplified the key features of some popular photo organization software that’s out there. All of these software options provide similar features when it comes to organization of photos, basic editing, and user-friendliness, but we’ve broken down some more features for you:

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The highlights of each program

Photos-icon APPLE IPHOTO
Apple’s default photo software included on every Apple computer from 2002-2014. iPhoto allows you to import, organize, edit, print, and share digital photos. After photos are imported, they can be titled, labeled, sorted and organized into groups (known as “events”). iPhoto is being phased out and replaced with Photos.

Google_Photos_icon.svg GOOGLE PHOTOS
Apple’s updated photo software that is replacing iPhoto as of 2014. Photos contains most of the same features as iPhoto, with improved editing and syncing capabilities. Any time you take a photo, it is synced to iCloud and becomes accessible across all of your Mac devices. Great for those who use all Mac products

Mylio is a standalone photo organizing software that lets you find, view, sort, tag and edit quickly and easily from all of your devices where you’ve installed Mylio. It’s great for families that have mixed operating systems – Mac, PC, and Android.

adobe-lightroom-icon2ADOBE LIGHTROOM
Adobe’s photo organization and advanced editing program that allows you to organize, edit, and share your photos across your devices. This program is best for those who take the mastery of photography and editing seriously.

Google’s photo software that allows you to manage your photos on your computer, edit them and add effects, and upload and share them online. It has superior facial-recognition technology that allows for easy tagging.

windowslivephotogalleryWINDOWS PHOTO GALLERY
Microsoft’s default photo organizing program that allows you to easily add tags and ratings, and do basic editing. Best for beginner Windows users and older Windows machines. You can view photos by date, location, keywords, and many other forms of metadata.

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