A design project with EverPresent is a personal and unique experience.
We do more than make books and videos; we tell stories across generations.

Photo Books

From selecting the first photo through deciding how many copies to print, we work with you every step of the way to develop a customized book that suits your story, style and budget. Every book is completely unique and only created after one of our photo book designers has done a full consultation with you to figure out what meets your needs and your budget.

Your personal organizer will work with both you and your designer to assist in prioritizing and selecting which photos you will feature.

Consult with your designer on book size, paper preference, colors, fonts & more. You can be deeply involved, or not at all.

You will be kept up to date on each step of the process and receive layouts and drafts for your review and approval.

You can order multiple copies; decorative cases; or a PDF copy of your Photo Book to share electronically.

Video Editing & Highlight Videos

Most of us were not perfect videographers, and for every great memory captured, there are also plenty of scenes that are not especially memorable. EverPresent will work with you to slim down your digital video archive so that the best videos are easy to view and share.

Our expert video team has edited thousands of hours of digital video and projects ranging from simple to highly complex.

Your organizer will work with them to edit out the best footage for you, or they can follow your instructions.

Turn 40 hours of a full-family archive into a multi-generational, 2 hour highlight movie.

Design a full-family documentary; create a professionally edited video for an informal event; remove clips for a slideshow and more.

Custom Slideshows

We use a highly customized approach and work closely with families to create one-of-a-kind slideshows that make your special occasion or gifts more memorable. We offer professional effects for images, video, text and other items, all put to music and voice-overs to create a keepsake that can be shared and enjoyed over and over again with friends and family.

Every slideshow gets a hands-on consultation with your organizer to discuss your best photos and the order they should go in.

You’ll have options for music choices, transitions, title slides, caption options, fonts, voice-overs and more!

All the custom design in our slideshows is done in the finest photo and video editing software by an expert team.

Create a slideshow for a wedding; bar or bat mitzvah; birthdays and more!

Interested in a custom project like our highlight videos or premium photo books?
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“I used EverPresent to create a customized slideshow of our family’s pictures over the course of the year – a gift that I gave to parents and grandparents for Christmas. I was thrilled with the result, they were able to set the pictures to music and it has become a fun keepsake for us. The grandparents were excited to have a “movie” of all the kids’ milestones in 2012.” – Dana C.

“I can’t believe how easy this was. I ended up having over 40,000 photos and videos on over 10 different devices. After sending the old hard drives to EverPresent and spending about 15 minutes setting up the remote transfer, I didn’t have to lift a finger. Now everything is in one place, finally backed up, and all of the duplicates are gone. I’m so relieved!” – Jason L.

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“I want to be involved in my photos. It’s important to me. I’m OK with technology. But there were just too many photos. I was totally frustrated and demotivated and had basically stopped doing anything except for holiday cards.”

Rachel J.