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hugs 3EverPresent is a parent-owned business serving clients all across the USA from its headquarters just outside of Boston. Our company is made up of 42 dedicated technicians, organizers and designers, each one more talented, kind and passionate than the next.

EverPresent first opened its doors four years ago to help families preserve the past through photo scanning, video conversion, photo organizing, custom family history books and edited videos. But as the parents of two young children, the owners (Jennifer and Eric Niloff), saw their own digital photo collection was spinning out of control. They were worried and stressed and realized their own company could help. And clients were constantly asking for help. They kept saying: “You know how you just secured and organized all my old photos…can you do that for my new stuff…please!”

Most families have realized by now that there is no magic software solution to save our photo libraries. We all take too many photos and videos, across too many devices, and we have too many great ambitions for books, gifts and more. Fortunately, at EverPresent, we have always relied on people. There was never any question that a service to help families preserve history required a personal touch combined with technical expertise. And that same combination is exactly what’s needed to organize digital photo/video collections. Now we manage millions upon millions of digital photos for families every year. We’re proud to be solving this important problem for families and would be honored to do the same for you.

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Our Philosophy

serene-mom-for-about-us1. Photos and videos should be “EverPresent” in your life, making it better and enriching relationships.

stressed-woman-graphic-for-about-us2. Making photos & videos “EverPresent” should not be stressful. Even for really busy people, it’s should still be fun!

organize-assistant-for-about-us3. There is no such thing as magic software. Investing in a talented, thoughtful expert to help with technology and the grunt work is the only way to achieve a magical result for your family.

Meet some of our team


Jennifer N.

eric niloff

Eric N.


Margaret M.
Digital Organizing Specialist


Maddie Y.
Digital Organizing Specialist


Susan W.
Photo Book Designer & Specialist


Josh D.
Video Specialist


Granite H.
Photo Specialist


Liz I.
Slideshow Specialist


Vanessa B.
Graphic & Web Designer


Katie K.
Graphic Designer


“The best part about my job as a designer at EverPresent is presenting a finished project to a client. Being able to work with them on a photo book that never would have been made if they hadn’t come to us and seeing the joy it brings them is very rewarding.”
– Vanessa B.

“One of the things I see the most with our Fresh Start clients is they have literally no idea what they have. They’ve been taking hundreds of photos a week since their kids were born and never did anything with them. Their attempts to organize and back up their photo libraries only created duplicates upon duplicates until they have tens of thousands of photos and videos and get completely overwhelmed. It’s a great experience to work with someone and be able to bring them to a place they never thought they could be – where they can easily find any photo they are looking for, even back five years.”
– Margaret M.


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“I want to be involved in my photos. It’s important to me. I’m OK with technology. But there were just too many photos. I was totally frustrated and demotivated and had basically stopped doing anything except for holiday cards.”

Rachel J.